Python Eats Crocodile Whole After An Epic 5 Hour Battle (Photos) – Wildlife Insider

Python Eats Crocodile Whole After An Epic 5 Hour Battle (Photos)

Australia is known for a lot of wonderful features – the Sydney Opera House, friendly locals and a staggering amount of wildlife that’s waiting to maim, injure or outright kill you. From deadly bees to scary spiders, it would seem that insects top the list of cringe-worthy warnings in the land down under, but there’s one snake that might just make you rethink which creatures post the biggest threat. Thankfully, the olive python is nonvenomous – unlike its lookalike, King Brown, cousins on the island – but that doesn’t mean its harmless, especially if you’re a tasty crocodile.

Yes, you read that right – a crocodile. Those scaly dinosaur-resembling predators that are best known for their gazelle-chomping cameos in nature videos actually fall prey to snakes. We’re not talking a venomous bite, either – remember that these snakes have no venom! This is a shocking twist that you just have to see to believe – watch this jaw-dropping (or is that jaw popping?) event as it unfolds.

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Python vs Crocodile

This ten foot long olive python was enjoying the shallow waters of Lake Moondarra Sunday afternoon as it hunts for its dinner. Which more often than not consists of small animals that should be paying better attention to their surroundings.