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18 Craziest Objects Animals Have Eaten

When you bring a dog home for the first time, they instantly become not only your best friend, but they become part of the family. You can always count on dogs to greet you with an excited and wagging tail, to love you unconditionally, even when they know they are in trouble, to protect the household when you are away (or at least pretend to), to play fetch with you, to cuddle with you and to….eat your belongings whole?

We don’t know what it is about dogs, but they are capable of ingesting anything in their sight and we mean an.nee.thing.

Have you ever had a favorite pair of underwear go missing only to find it while shoveling your dog’s poop several days later? Or have you had a sock that you thought the laundry thief stole again show up in your dogs throw up? If  you have a dog and a random household item goes missing, we would suggest checking your dog to see if he/she is acting different than normal. Most likely, your Veterinarian will find that item in their digestive tract.

Panties and a sock are nothing compared to these 18 craziest objects that have been found inside a dog’s GI tract. We are not even mad, we are slightly impressed. The following images will blow you away. Can you guess correctly what these x-rays reveal?


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