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Hilarious Animals Failing In The War Against Furniture

We all know how furniture can be a little finicky. Fold up chairs will crush us, couch cushions will eat us alive, and we’re constantly missing chairs completely to fall on our behinds. Take solace in the fact that us humans are not alone in the war against furniture. Animals are right there with us, if not fighting an even larger battle as they often don’t know what the furniture’s purpose even is (and all without opposable thumbs!). It is miraculous that they survive at all in a house full of objects and crevices that are so inviting yet so very capable of turning on you at any minute.

To lighten your day and console your worries about who might still remember that party when you sat on that chair and you toppled over backwards, we bring you a collection of hilarious animals failing in their own war against furniture. They just can’t seem to catch a break, especially #25.

Dog stuck in hammock

Get in the hammock, they said. You’ll have lots of fun, they said.  The lies! The Deceit!