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Baby Orangutans Meet for the First Time and It Is Adorable

Meet Gito, the most adorable baby orangutan to ever live.

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His start to life was a tragic one, to say the least. When Gito was less than 5 months of age, he was left to die in an old cardboard box in West Borneo. Luckily for him and those of us who believe in humanity, International Animal Rescue rescuers found and transported Gito to their nearby clinic for emergency treatment.


Gito was so weak that he couldn’t even hold himself up when he arrived. After emergency treatment, Gito was also diagnosed with a horrendous case of sarcoptic mange that was causing him much discomfort. Sarcoptic mange is a terribly uncomfortable and highly contagious skin disease caused by mites burrowing into the skin. It is contagious to most animals and humans, alike, but is treatable. Most notably, it is presented with alopecia, or hair loss, and scabs from itching so intensely.


Thanks to the kind rescuers, caregivers and veterinarians on staff at the International Animal Rescue, Gito has made a full recovery and is now able to live the happy and healthy life intended for him.


After his miraculous rescue and recovery, Gito was finally ready to be introduced to other members of his species. His first encounter with another baby orangutan, named Asoka, was incredibly heart warming. They immediately trusted each other, expressing signs of acceptance and even endearment. These two were destined to be best friends.

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Please visit the International Animal Rescue webpage here to learn more about what they do and how you can help. There is even an option to (virtually) adopt young Gito.

Watch the full video of Gito and Asoka here.