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Deep Sea Discoveries: You’ll Never Believe The Photos This Russian Fisherman Took

The open ocean: a world of mystery, terror, and the most bizarre forms of life. Humans have imagined and feared what lives below the waves since the days of Homer, and even with modern diving technology, we still do not fully know the answer.

Though no one has mapped out aquatic life in full, deep sea fishers have a strong sense of what lies under the sea, having reeled a variety of unusual and intriguing marine animals aboard their ships. One such fisher, Roman Fedortsov from northwestern Russia, recently decided to share his discoveries with the world, posting them in a series of tweets. His pictures provide a glimpse of subaquatic life, but fair warning: they aren’t for the faint of heart!

 Oceanic Observations


Scientists and explorers have long published photos of what they’ve found deep in the ocean, and the results often look like the stuff of nightmares. Take the angler fish, pictured here: if you could either swim with this or with a great white shark, I bet you’d choose the shark!