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45 of The World’s Biggest Animals

Jaws. The Sandlot. Cujo. Anaconda. All of those films have one thing in common: gigantic animals making life difficult for our protagonists. As creatures who exist outside of the food chain we tend to forget that we are, all things considered, pretty much small fries on the planet. So in order to remind our lovely readers of just how little they are, we decided to pull together 45 of the biggest animals we could find for your entertainment. Don’t worry though, nothing on this list is going to try and eat you – we hope.

Zeus the Great Dane

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We aren’t sure if Zeus got his name before or after he became the tallest dog on the planet. This Great Dane, born and raised in Michigan, stood at an incredible 7.5 feet in height when on his hind legs. As with all big dogs Zeus would end up passing away from natural causes at a young age – just 6 years old.