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Top 26 Most Dangerous Animals in the World


300,000 deaths annually

Carpet Viper

Dangerous Animals - Carpet Snake

One of several snakes that instill fear into several Ophidiophobics, the carpet viper is on the hook for most snake-related human deaths across the globe. The toxin in its venom causes its victim to hemorrhage over several weeks and die if not treated. Reports indicate that there are 1.5 million snake bites in the rural regions of Sub-Saharan Africa each year. Of these 1.5 million bites, 20% lead to death due to the inadequate anti-venom availability in these regions.


Dangerous Animals - Boomslang

Boomslang snake bites prevent blood from clotting, causing a victim to bleed from all pores. Although built with an extremely fatal venom, Boomslangs claim the lives of far fewer humans each year than other venomous snakes. They are known to be rather shy, which is likely responsible for the low death rate of humans.

King Cobra

Dangerous Animals - King Cobra

Venom can kill 20 humans 

This snake isn’t looking to engage humans and its venom isn’t the most potent, but if a King Cobra is provoked, its bite contains enough toxins to kill 20 humans. So don’t provoke it.

Black Mamba

Dangerous Animals - Black Mamba

Unlike the other slithering death traps on this list, the black mamba will attack without reason. It’s fast and aggressive and inspires legendary tales on the African continent.

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