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This Kiwi Kayaker Got a Slimy Slap from an Unexpected Source!

“Small town kiwi boy playing in a big beautiful world.”

That’s how globe-trotting New Zealand adventurer Kyle Mulinder describes himself. Kyle lives for the outdoors and travel, but you won’t find him strolling through a meadow or idly catching rays on the beach. None of those ho-hum activities for this daredevil Kiwi.

Kyle is a lifelong fan of extreme outdoor activities — you know, the kind often associated with the term “adrenaline rush”. From the depths of the ocean to the peaks of the highest mountains and the wide-open sky, Kyle’s thrill-seeking expeditions are nearly boundless.

In addition to putting him through more than a few perilous predicaments, Kyle’s explorations have brought him face to face with creatures great and small. But he’d never had a wildlife encounter quite like the one he did on a sunny afternoon in the waters off of New Zealand’s Kaikoura Peninsula.


Despite all of his outdoor experience, there’s no way that Kyle could have predicted what would happen that September day. In fact, he wasn’t even expecting adventure on that trip. But boy did he get some…

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