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Top 19 Smartest Animals on the Planet. #1 Can Talk.

Pigeons can learn to distinguish between a Picasso and a Monet. Dolphins speak. Honey bees, rats, and baboons can count. Octopi can solve puzzles.

How do scientists assess animal intelligence? Well, that’s a matter of much debate. But there is general agreement that certain things are part of it, such as problem solving skills, memory and communication. 

You probably knew about dolphins and chimps already, but get ready for the other living creatures at the top of the class! Here are the brainiest animals in the world…

New Zealand Robins

Ever wish you could find a generous partner who just “gets” you? Well, female New Zealand robins are lucky that way. Not only do their male counterparts share their food, but they pamper their partners with a variety of tantalizing grub.