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Strangest Fur Patterns You’ll Ever See On A Cat

Nature is an artist who sometimes works in fur. To see what we mean, you’ll definitely want to check out this amazing collection of felines that boast some truly eye-catching markings.

Some of these cats have strange fur patterns that are quite amusing, while others are subtle works of art. Anyway you look at it, the fur coats on these felines will always help them stand out in a crowd.

Strange Fur Patterns - Venus

Say hello to Venus, the now famous cat that has been nicknamed the Chimera Cat… and, yes, her very unusual coloring is real.  Her tagline reads:  “0% photoshopped, 100% born this way.” The famous two-faced cat became an internet sensation, perplexing the scientific world with her genetics and curating a 1.1 million following on Instagram.

Our next cat might not have as many social media followers, but people everywhere are doing a double take…