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This Is Why Australia Is A Terrifying Place

There’s a lot of talk about how dangerous all the animals are in Australia. The truth, well, the truth is even worse. It’s amazing just how deadly the creatures of Australia really are. In the deadly Olympics, they get all the gold medals, every time. It really needs to be seen to be believed.

So, we’ve put together a list of the absolute most dangerous animals there. Are there snakes on it? Haha, oh yes, there are snakes. Are there spiders? Come on – of course there are spiders. But it may be the other animals, the ones that you would never expect, that are ultimately the most dangerous of all…

Box Jellyfish


When jellyfish sting in Australia, it doesn’t just hurt – it literally kills you. The Box Jellyfish, with species found along many coasts in the South Pacific is particularly famous for its incredibly potent venom that either kills people by spiking blood pressure, or makes them wish they were dead. That’s right, living victims often prefer dying to experiencing the incredible pain. They sometimes get their wish, too, as the human body has been known to go into shock and die even after surviving the initial sting.