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Mind-Blowing Images of a Little Girl Raised by Animals

There are a lot of phrases buzzing around Tippi Hedren, the famous French girl who grew up in Africa (not the actress from Birds, people). Phrases like “real life Mowgli” and “straight from the Jungle Book.” Born in 1990, Tippi had an incredible childhood living among the animals of Africa – and we mean literally among them. Her parents, Sylvie Robert and Alain Degre, were wildlife photographers and documented just how close she got to the creatures of the African continent. Trust us, whatever you expected, you’re going to be surprised just what happened.

Bottle and Elephant, Good to Go


Most little tots Tippi’s age here would have a favorite stuffed elephant. Tippi, on the other hand, had a favorite real elephant – or two. Let’s think about this for a minute: That adult elephant over there could crush little Tippi without even noticing, but there she is, way more interested in her bottle and completely unafraid. Heads up: Tippi’s attitude doesn’t really change through her life.