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Celebrities That Love Their Pets – You Won’t Believe How Bizarre Leonardo DiCaprio’s Pet Is

Hollywood stars emote, perhaps unconsciously, a sense of immortal transcendence. They appear to live a lavish lifestyle that is the very opposite of ordinary. With the dresses, the cars, the fancy parties, fan bases and millions of dollars of self worth, it is no wonder you or I can’t necessarily find common ground with these people or connect with them on a personal level…until now.

No matter how many differences exist between celebrities and the general public, there will always be a commonality in the way we all love our pets. Each of the following stars have the most amazingly adorable pets and we can’t wait to share them. You seriously will not believe just how cute and perfect some of these pairs are together. Spoiler alert, Ryan Gosling and his sidekick are our all time favorite pair.

Justin Bieber


Beliebers now have even more reason to catch the Beiber Fever–meet Esther and Phil. These two little fluff balls of his, are not only super cute but they reveal a more sensitive side to Justin. Plus, how amazing are those traditional human dog names?