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Bizarre Mountain Lion Found With Teeth On His Head

Mountain Lions are common in Idaho, preying on deer, elk, moose, and other wild creatures. In some cases, they take to the more populated areas and attack livestock and other domestic pets. On a fateful day in December, a young male mountain lion targeted a dog of an Idaho resident in Weston, ID. This was no ordinary mountain lion, with something prominently  growing out of the left side of his head. The mountain lion was unmistakable with this strange growth and a licensed hunting group set out to find and kill this beast who was encroaching on their land and disturbing their neighborhood.

The hunting group legally tracked and killed the disfigured mountain lion on December 30th after having attacked Scott Olson’s dog and been spotted near homes in Weston, ID. The pictures of the bizarre creature are creating quite the buzz over the Internet. The mountain lion was found to have whiskers and a set of teeth growing out of the side of his head according to the Idaho’s Department of Fish and Game.


Wildlife officials said that they have never seen a deformation like this before—yet have presented a few hypotheses. The Wildlife Health Forensic Laboratory has conceived that the teeth could be the remainders of a conjoined twin that was absorbed in the womb by the other fetus.

Another theory is the possibility of a “teratoma” tumor. This kind of abnormality, whose Greek name means “monster tumor,” has the characteristics of growing teeth and hair. In humans, it can develop fingers and toes.

Biologists are hoping to obtain the body to perform more tests and continue to study the deformity. However, it is not certain what will happen to the mountain lion’s body, as the hunters are not obliged to turn it over. A inexplicable mystery unsolved.