Top 26 Most Dangerous Animals in the World

There are different ways to define a dangerous animal. Which animal kills the most people each year, which has the deadliest natural weapon at its disposal, and which causes the most mayhem in general?

We’ve compiled a list of 26 of the most dangerous animals in the world in ascending order of most human deaths per year. The list also includes animals based on potential for human harm, those that evoke the most fear, and ones that cause the most mayhem.  So keep these critters in mind while you travel the world or go about your normal day. Some won’t surprise you, but a few might just keep you safe. Let the countdown begin! You’ll never guess the top 2!

 Komodo Dragon

Dangerous Animals - Komodo Dragon

7 deaths in the last 57 years

As the largest lizard in the world, Komodo Dragons have the potential to be ruthless killers. Not only does their bite lead to devastating damage and death by blood loss, they are also considered venomous. The toxin that is excreted from glands and delivered to their sharp teeth leads to drastic changes in blood pressure. The low human death toll for these reptiles is likely due to their limited exposure to them. We ought to keep it that way.

 Brazilian Wandering Spider

Dangerous Animals - Wandering Spider

10 deaths total

Tarantulas get all the glory because of their looks, but Brazilian wandering spiders carry the real venom. They’re known to “wander” into homes and cars of populous regions to terrorize inhabitants with their frightening appearance and extremely dangerous venom. If a man is bitten by a Brazilian wandering spider, he sustains a painful erection for four hours and then dies. An antidote has been identified and successfully used to combat the fatal effects of the venom.

 Polar Bear

Dangerous Animal - Polar Bear

<1-2 deaths annually

Don’t let the low number of human kills fool you – polar bears can and will destroy a person if provoked. There are typically between 1-2 attacks per year and usually occurs when humans come into their territory. Much like the Komodo Dragon, the death toll indicated is likely low due to rare interactions between polar bears and humans.


Dangerous Animals - Rhinos Running

<1-2 deaths annually 

Rhinos can run up to 40 miles per hour and use their horn to impale threats. But it’s the jitteriness caused by their poor eyesight and their desire to protect their young that makes them so dangerous. Attacks are rare with an average of 1-2 per year, and of those attacks, they are always provoked in some manner. How many rhinos are killed by humans, however? 1,338. That seems a bit lopsided.