This “Rare Pet Dog” Gave Its Family The Surprise Of A Lifetime. You Won’t Believe What It Actually Was!

One of the happiest moments for a family is when they choose to add a new four-legged friend to their home. However, this joyous event was overshadowed by an astonishing and frightening twist of fate for one unsuspecting family.

What you’re about to discover is the true story of what happened when one family adopted a puppy that turned out to be something entirely different. As their beloved puppy began to grow and change, their excitement suddenly turned to fear.

Read on to find out what caused this family to worry about their furry companion, and what protective actions they were forced to take. This “rare pet dog” gave its family the surprise of a lifetime. You won’t believe what it actually was and all the twists this remarkable adoption story takes!


This remarkable story begins in the modern, bustling southwest Yunnan province of China. Su Yun, a hardworking mother from Kunming City, had her hands full raising two children and spending time with her husband.

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During this time, Su Yun felt as though her life was running rampant with the nonstop energy of her children. That’s when she decided to add another member to their family that could better keep up with them.

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However, what she thought would be a refreshing addition to their family would soon take an extreme turn in a hair-raising direction. In fact, what was soon to come would quickly make headlines, capturing the attention of people worldwide.

This peaceful family could have never predicted that they’d soon be in the media spotlight. For Su Yun and her family, this came as the shock of a lifetime that would forever change their lives.

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It all started with a life-changing trip in Asia taken by Su Yun and her family. Between her hectic work schedule and the daily pressure of raising young children, this vacation was much-needed by Su Yun. So, she booked a trip, and her family anxiously awaited the departure date.

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The family continued counting down the days until their highly anticipated getaway until finally, it was nearly time to leave. Su Yun packed up their bags, got the children ready, and managed to handle the logistics of the trip.

Of course, she anticipated the unexpected situations that might arise, but as she would soon discover, nothing could have prepared them for what was about to happen.


In reality, no one could have predicted that this trip would result in a chance encounter that would transform their lives. A seemingly innocent interaction with a litter of adorable animals was about to change everything, but we’ll get to that later. 


After several months of anticipation, Su Yun and her family were finally on vacation. While on a walk exploring the foreign area, they stumbled upon a group of puppies that had placed up for adoption.

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Su Yun’s children instantly fell in love with the precious pups, begging their parents to adopt one. The children had been asking for a puppy for a long time, so it was difficult for her to deny their desperate pleas, especially when faced with such adorable puppies.


After some serious contemplation and despite her previous refusals, Su Yun decided that they could adopt a puppy. However, she was immediately smitten with one puppy in particular, and this was the one they brought home.

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The adorable little animal she quickly fell in love with was going to give them the biggest surprise of their lives. Soon, Su Yun would realize that she had taken on much more than she had bargained for.


To be fair, the man who sold Su Yun’s family their newest, lovable member warned them about the puppy they were adopting. However, his warning couldn’t compare to what they were about to experience.


He advised that the dog was a Tibetan Mastiff, a large breed capable of growing up to 180 pounds and over 2 feet tall. Despite the warning, the family warmly welcomed their soon-to-be massive furball.


Su Yun and her family elected to ironically name their adopted puppy “Little Black” due to his pitch-dark fur and presumed large stature. In Chinese, this name sounded quite cute for a new puppy.

Little did they know that Little Black would become a huge deal, potentially landing the family in an onslaught of legal trouble.

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Everything started normal enough with their newest family member, but that would quickly change. The family, Su Yun included, continued to fall in love with Little Black throughout the remainder of the vacation and on their journey home.


When they arrived home, the family had some tough choices to make regarding their new pet. The temperate year-round climate in Kunming City allowed for some pets to live outside, so many families chose to keep their dogs in backyards.

However, Su Yun wasn’t sure if this was the right option for their dark-colored, densely-furred puppy.

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However, Su Yun and her family decided to allow Little Black to stay indoors as an essential and equal part of their family. As their furry friend began adjusting to his new life, the whole family was relieved to see that he appeared healthy and happy.

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Little Black maintained a robust appetite and settled into his new home rather quickly. In fact, there was hardly a moment when this feisty furball wasn’t eating. However, as time passed, the entire family began to note some strange things about their precious pet.


Although the seller had warned them about the size of the dog, they instinctively knew that something was off. As the seller had predicted, Little Black didn’t stay so little for long, and as he grew larger, so did his ferocious appetite.


Su Yun was rather unfamiliar with raising a dog, so her methods for feeding Little Black were a little unorthodox. Every day, she fed Little Black an entire box of mixed fruits and two massive buckets of noodles! 

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While many dogs would become sick from a diet of fruits and noodles, Little Black remained seemingly unphased by his food. On the other hand, Su Yun was beginning to worry about the quantity of food he was consuming.

By the time Little Black reached one year of age, Su Yun had already spent way more than she could afford to satisfy his larger-than-life appetite. What she didn’t know was that his hunger was the least of her problems.


Little Black and his never-ending appetite continued to grow, but not in the way Su Yun and her family had anticipated. What was at first an uplifting sign of health for their growing puppy suddenly turned to a serious financial concern.

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Of course, Su Yun had anticipated that their tiny puppy would grow into a large dog, especially given the nature of the breed, but what happened next was absolutely unbelievable. Little Black’s rapid growth stunned Su Yun and her family, prompting them to question their safety.

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As Little Black’s second birthday came and went, he already weighed an astonishing 250 pounds and was 3 feet tall! This jaw-dropping stature was far beyond what the seller had predicted, but Su Yun and her family continued to love their pet all the same.

This uninhibited affection would continue until the family began noticing some disturbing and rather peculiar things about their adopted dog.

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Of course, many dogs are capable of exceeding expectations when it comes to growth, especially Tibetan Mastiffs. In fact, the massive size of this breed is often used by Tibetan and Indian tribes to protect sheep from wolves, leopards, bears, large mustelids, and tigers.

So it’s no wonder that Little Black made it to 250 pounds without much of a second thought. It’s what happened next that really started to raise eyebrows in Su Yun’s household.


One day, Su Yun noticed something extraordinary in her kitchen. This shocking event disturbed Su Yun and prompted some red flags to go up in her mind.

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Upon entering her kitchen one afternoon, Su Yun saw Little Black standing upright on his hind legs. Sure, some dogs are trained to stand on their hind legs, but this is typically for only short periods.

Little Black was found standing like a human in a very unusual fashion for an extended time. It was at this moment that Su Yun started to realize deep down that something was very wrong with her new dog.

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What she thought may have been a freak, one-time incident quickly turned into a regular spectacle presented by Little Black. Over and over again, Su Yun would enter a room to see Little Black standing on his hind legs.

At this point, Su Yun was extremely suspicious of her pet pooch and began noticing how his peculiarities were leading to trouble. As she investigated further, she noticed some other troublesome characteristics.


Little Black exhibited gigantic teeth to match his enormous size that, at first, Su Yun chalked up to the nature of the breed. However, over time, certain physical traits, such as his large teeth, became impossible to ignore.


Su Yun started to notice that Little Black’s facial features were changing in a bizarre manner. For example, his snout was becoming more and more pronounced in a way that didn’t match the typical Tibetan Mastiff.

At this point, she was in denial that her beloved pet dog could be something entirely different. Su Yun continued to shrug off the red flags in her mind.

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While Little Black’s larger-than-life size started to become impossible to ignore, Su Yun’s children loved having the most prominent pet in the neighborhood. Su Yun, on the other hand, became increasingly uncomfortable with the size of her peculiar puppy.


As Little Black’s tremendous development started to draw the attention of locals, Su Yun’s worries grew larger as well. Before long, simply taking her dog for walks became a public spectacle, as Little Black continued to exceed growth expectations.

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As he continued his rapid growing spree, Little Black became too big to live inside Su Yun’s home. As a result, the family was forced to craft a makeshift dog house outside of their home. Despite moving their massive dog outside, the problems persisted.

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Beyond his surprising appearance, Little Black’s demeanor was anything but ordinary. This pet dog never exhibited expected behavior and began frequently lashing out at Su Yun and her family.

While no one was hurt as a result of Little Black’s temper, it certainly raised concern and spooked everyone.

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Among the most unusual things about Little Black was his lack of barking. Su Yun realized rather suddenly that in their two years of owning the dog, they had never heard him bark.

Now, that’s not to say that she had never heard him make a sound. She had just never heard him make traditional dog noises. Instead, Little Black often growled, and one day, the growls turned even more frightening.

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Although they were used to the subtle growling sounds Little Black would often make, nothing could have prepared them for the day he let out an audible roar. At this point, Su Yun was getting more and more terrified of the adopted animal she had brought home to her family.

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As Little Black grew larger and larger, so did Su Yun’s fears. At just over two years of age, Su Yun and her entire family were officially afraid of their own pet dog.

He had become so big that he couldn’t fit inside their home even if he needed to, and Su Yun could barely control him on a leash for walks.

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Su Yun’s concerns for the wellbeing of herself and her children prompted her to do some investigating. She began scouring the internet for answers, and what she found was beyond shocking.

Of course, she knew by now that her dog was far from ordinary, but what she discovered was far from what she expected. The results of her search were not only shocking but also made her scared for her life.

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Finally, Su Yun started to see the light and understand the truth about the pet she had adopted. After some intense research on the internet, she learned that what she had brought home from vacation was not a Tibetan Mastiff at all but something else entirely.

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Using the characteristics that she had seen firsthand, such as Little Bear’s unusually large teeth, long snout, massive size, and his tendency to stand on his hind legs, she made a stunning discovery.

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Su Yun’s family pet, Little Black, was actually a massive black bear!! How could this possibly be true? She could barely believe what she was reading, but every search turned up the same results.


Now that her greatest fears were realized, Su Yun was left feeling scared, horrified, and worried for the safety of her family. She knew that she had to take fast action, but had no idea what to do next.


Now that she knew what she was dealing with, Su Yun continued to collect information on her pet bear. She discovered that he wasn’t just any normal black bear, Little Black was an Asiatic Black Bear, also known as a Tibetan Bear or a Himalayan Bear.

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This specific type of black bear is known to be medium-sized, but that’s still massive for someone expecting a pet dog. A medium-sized Asiatic Black Bear can reach up to 440 pounds and stand over 6 feet tall!

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While Asiatic Bears are typically herbivorous, they can become hostile towards humans when they are agitated. Immediately, Su Yun discerned that she needed to figure out a game plan for safely managing this animal.

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As she started to look into her options, she read that owning a bear in China is a serious crime punishable by jail. As if her situation wasn’t already desperate enough, it had just become even more urgent.

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As much as Su Yun and her family had grown to love their furry companion, she knew that he had to find a new home. But how does one even go about finding a new home for their enormous pet bear?

She didn’t know where to start, but she made a call to the nearest zoo and hoped for the best.


Upon calling the local zoo, Su Yun learned that without a birth certificate, they weren’t able even to consider taking Little Black and providing him with a new home. Although the zoo was reluctant to turn her away and wished they could help, Su Yun felt hopeless in her search.

That is until she suddenly recognized what she needed to do. The only problem is that this action had the potential to land her in even more trouble.


She was left with no other choice – Su Yun had to call the police and tell them the whole story. Within minutes of her call, law enforcement and wildlife experts at the Forest Public Security Bureau arrived on her doorstep.


Su Yun spoke to the police, fully cooperating and telling them all about the predicament she had mistakenly gotten herself into. As the hype surrounding this situation grew, reporters arrived on the scene.

During an interview, Su Yun stated, “the more [Little Black] grew, the more like a bear he looked.” She also told reporters that she was “a little scared of bears.”

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While Su Yun explained everything to the police and wildlife experts, it wasn’t until they went into her backyard that they understood the gravity of the situation. What they saw when they got there truly blew them away!

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Right in Su Yun’s backyard for all to see was a gigantic animal resting in a caged area. The police and forestry officials instantly knew that this animal was definitely not a dog. After some thorough inspection, they were able to confirm Su Yun’s suspicions: She had been raising a pet bear.

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After determining that the animal was, in fact, a bear, police began questioning Su Yun about the adoption as well as raising Little Black. She explained to them all about the dangerous mix-up and where the animal came from but was uncertain as to whether or not she would be penalized for the mistake.


While the police were busy gathering information about Little Black, the wildlife experts were hard at work inspecting the beloved pet. They searched for any signs of injury or malnourishment while Su Yun closely watched, terrified of what her consequences might be.

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After their preliminary checkup, wildlife officials were able to discern that Little Black had been well taken care of while residing with Su Yun and her family. They reported that he was fed, healthy, and happy.

Their next step was to figure out how to transport the gigantic animal to the local wildlife rescue center. Little Black was tranquilized to ensure the safety of officials during transport, but the question remained about whether or not Su Yun would be punished for housing a pet bear.

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Upon arrival at the wildlife center, experts confirmed Su Yun’s fears that she had been unknowingly living with a potentially dangerous Asiatic Black Bear. That’s right – Su Yun and her family had been loving on a massive bear right in their own home and backyard!

This news hit the headlines fast, sparking a huge amount of media attention and controversy. People wondered how Su Yun could have lived with a bear for so long without realizing it.

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Everyone was absolutely astonished, even National Geographic featured Su Yun’s story, causing it to become a viral sensation. Even more surprisingly, other people began sharing their similar stories of adopting pets and later realizing they were a different animal altogether.

Although the sudden increase in media attention was exciting, Su Yun grew more fearful that police would choose to press charges against her for housing the forbidden animal.

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Fortunately for Su Yun and her family, the police appreciated her cooperation during the investigation and only charged her with a minor penalty.

The frightful ordeal was nothing short of shocking to the entire family, but they still hold a special place in their heart for Little Black. Luckily, their treasured pet is now happily residing in a nearby reserve, and his backyard dwelling days are over!