The Post Adoption Recoveries of These 20+ Rescue Animals Are Incredible

These 20 Pet Rescue Stories will bring Tears to your Eyes then make you Shout for Joy!

There’s just something about rescue animals. They’ve been through so much and they are so grateful to the people who adopt them. These 20 pet adoption stories show just what it means to love a rescue animal. Find out how love can make such a difference in a sad and lonely animal’s life.

Coconut Finds A Home And A New Lease On Life

When coconut was found, the poor baby was nothing but skin and bones. We weren’t sure if he was going to make it, but three months later he is thriving! He’s filled out, his coat is soft and shiny, and he’ll never have to worry about going hungry again.

 From Shelter Mutt to Handsome Homebody


Judging by those alert, amber eyes and silky, coal black coat, you’d never guess that he started out at the shelter as a skinny, depressed, withdrawn dog. Three years later this gorgeous rescue is quite the stunner – and also a bit of a character, according to his owner.

 The Little Fish That Could

Beta Fish Before

This poor little guy was found on the bottom of his pet store tank. He was nearly dead. The pet store gave him to his rescuer for free – they didn’t think he was going to make it. He lost all his fins to fin rot, but thanks to the TLC from his rescuer, he not only survived, but thrived!


Post Adoption Recoveries

Found on the streets of Montreal, this charming little pup was barely recognizable under all that matted fur. But after a nice haircut and a good shampoo he couldn’t be any cuter!