Strangest Fur Patterns You’ll Ever See On A Cat

Nature is an artist who sometimes works in fur. To see what we mean, you’ll definitely want to check out this amazing collection of felines that boast some truly eye-catching markings.

Some of these cats have strange fur patterns that are quite amusing, while others are subtle works of art. Anyway you look at it, the fur coats on these felines will always help them stand out in a crowd.

Strange Fur Patterns - Venus

Say hello to Venus, the now famous cat that has been nicknamed the Chimera Cat… and, yes, her very unusual coloring is real.  Her tagline reads:  “0% photoshopped, 100% born this way.” The famous two-faced cat became an internet sensation, perplexing the scientific world with her genetics and curating a 1.1 million following on Instagram.

Our next cat might not have as many social media followers, but people everywhere are doing a double take…

strange fur patterns-Cat within a cat

A shadow of a kitty on a kitty. How neat is that? This adorable black and white stunner seems to be wearing a silhouette of a cat on its back.

Think you’ve seen it all now? The next one will give you a whole new meaning to having a heart-shaped face…

4 - Strange Fur Patterns - owl :heart

This feline’s unique fur patterns is so bizarre that is almost looks photoshopped. We assure you, it is not. A perfect heart that traces the outside of the cat’s face? And makes the cat resemble an owl? Can’t get much better than this…

Until you see what’s up next! Whoooo could be our next unique feline?

Strange Fur Patterns - Panda Cat

Oh, only the cutest… cat?…panda?… raccoon? ever!

Our next cat looks extremely exotic…You don’t want to miss it!

Orange and Black Green Eyes

Not only does this beauty have an incredibly strange fur pattern, she also has these gorgeous eyes that are truly captivating. We love the bright bright orange in her coat and in her eyes!

Our next kitty can’t quite figure out exactly who he’s been giving piggy bag rides to all these years!

Monkey on back

Talk about having a monkey on your back. It’s not only us, right? That looks like a monkey is constantly getting a piggy back ride, right?  Sure looks like it to us!  Or maybe it’s a Sasquatch? We knew he was real!

The next kitty might be playing a little game we all like to call “Trick or Treat.”

Strange Fur Patterns - Halloween Kitty

This Halloween Jester is always in the mood for some good ol’ fashioned trick-or-treating and is always dressed up as Jack Skellington, the main character of Disney’s stop-action flick, “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

If this guy is scaring you, the next cat will save the day!

Catman Cat

What do you get when you combine Batman with Catwoman — Catman!  Duh nu nu nu nu nu nu nu Catman!

Then there is our next fine feline — Two-Face!

Strange Fur Patterns - half and half

He doesn’t look as mean as Two-Face does though. We love the genetic anomalies shown by these double faced cats. The incredible ‘down the center’ distribution of fur patterns is extremely impressive.

Our next cat seems a little bit more grumpy due to his fur patterns…

Strange Fur Patterns - V for Vendetta

This cat’s bushy eyebrows and upturned mustache closely resemble the V for Vendetta mask. If only the cat took on a surprised look, it would be uncanny.

Our next friend is going to nail the “I’m surprised/totally freaked out” look on the head…

black eyebrows

I imagine this is what all cats look like when they’re home alone, they just ripped the toilet paper to shreds, and they hear their owner’s keys in the front door. Dun Dun Duuuuuun!

Perhaps this scaredy cat just mistook our next kitty for a big scary Raccoon!

Strangr Fur Patterns - Racoon Cat

This adorable version of Rocky Raccoon might have one of the most unique facial markings we’ve ever seen. Perhaps he just put it on to attend the masquerade ball he was invited to.

Our next kitten not only has a strange fur pattern on her face but she has an even more unique one on her torso!

orange and black

This wide-eyed kitten pants has beautiful deep green eyes, a unique facial pattern, paired with an even more beautifully unique body fur pattern. Altogether, this little one is a work of art.

Our next adorable red-furred cutie might have a normal face but you have to see her body!

Strange Fur Patterns - Large HEart

You’ll never be able to accuse this little one of being heartless!  He practically wears his heart on his…side.

Our next kitty is full of happiness and just can’t stop smiling!

3 - Strange Fur Patterns - Kitty Smiling

Smile, and the whole world smiles with you, little one!  If two-toned cats is your thing, you’ll definitely want to check out the next unusual feline!

Our next cat has a fierce and beautiful look…but we can’t find his nose!

Strange Fur Patterns - Black nose Cat

This breathtaking cat has the most unique diamond-shaped nose we’re ever seen. That fiery red paired with the jet black nose and accents around the eyes make this cat one beautiful feline. It almost looks as if this cat doesn’t have a nose at all.

Then there is our next cat, who is sure to jumble your mind and face.

Strange Fur Patterns - A quirk of art

Picasso would be proud. Just check out the abstract markings on this little darling’s face. The illusion of asymmetry is incredible, really.

The next kitty is also a work of art.

Strange Fur Patterns - Lips

Full lips are in, right? Someone must have told this cat that lip injections are a big deal! Perhaps, she was going for that Kardashian look.  Pucker up buttercup!

Where this cat has had some work done on her lips, our next feline went for the bleached fur look…

Outlined In Black:Cat Ears


This pretty kitty seems to not have ears of her own so she is dawning a cat-ear headband, instead! Or maybe she just needs a darker foundation for her face.

Then there is our next feline who perpetually lives in the Happiest Place On Earth!

Strange Fur Patterns - mickey mouse

How ironic is this? A feline is sporting a mouse; the world’s most famous mouse at that!

Our next friendly ball of fur has the oddest facial markings…

Strange Fur Patterns - Roses On Noses

This outdoor adventurer looks like he’s got war paint on and ready to pounce on the enemy! Perhaps he’s mistaken our next kitten for a lion!

Adorable cat:lion

We hope he realizes this little guy is just in disguise! As small as this little cutie is, I bet he has a mean lion’s roar!

Hamilton The Hipster

This dapper cat is sporting a very trendy mustache and he’s Instagram famous for it. If that’s not 100% totes hipster, I don’t know what is. Follow him along with his 605k followers here. Keep on rockin’ the stash, Hamilton! I wonder what he’ll do when stashes are no longer in? Hmm…

And now, for the most famous mustache of all…

Hitler Cat

Um, well this is a bit unfortunate. Hairless and Hitleress? Not a great Double H combo. We’re sure this kitty is very sweet, until he meets other species he doesn’t like… hmmmmm.

Fortunately for our next kitty, it looks a bit more friendly…

Strange Fur Patterns - Bowtie nose

This little goofball is wearing his permanent bowtie on his schnauze! I don’t think any kitten could have a cuter nose.

Our next kitten might not have a fun nose, but he sure knows how to impress with his…chin?

Strange Fur Patterns - Heart on chin cat


This little sweetheart is showing off his softer side with that patch of heart on his chin. What a love bug!

Our next kitty looks a bit nervous for the main event.

top hat cat

The top hat cat! This performance kitty has his top hat on and is about to steal the show! “Can, can, can you do the can-can!?”

If you’re liking this emoji top hat, you’re bound to like the next emotikitty!

5 - Strange Feline Fur Patterns - Happy face on side


What’s this? Is that a ‘smiley face emoji with its tongue out’ scrawled on its fur?  Permanent happiness, right here…said no cat ever.

Our next cat also has some unusual graffiti of his own.

Strange Fur Patterns - CAT

What is this?  A spelling bee?  Well, just in case you didn’t know what this little creature was, his fur spells out very clearly that it’s a C-A-T.

 Our next cat is also good with words, he might even be a poet but he doesn’t know it!

Strange Fur Patterns - Cat In Hat

See this chapeau cat. He is wearing a hat. He doesn’t look very happy about that. It’s almost as if someone gave this poor fella a bad bowl cut. He’s still utterly adorable in our book.

Wait until you see the tail on the next cat!

Strange Fur Patterns - tail dipped cat

This all white cat seems to have dipped, maybe even double dipped, that tail of his right into some Halloween spirit. He didn’t feel like being a ghost for Halloween so he wanted to spice things up a bit.

Our next fancy kitty is really dressing to impress each and everyday.


SourceThis dapper young gent is forever waiting for his Cinderella to take him to the ball. All he has to do is button his coat and he’s out the door.

Our next flirty kitten might just be the Cinderella this Prince Charming is waiting for. She’s coming off a little forward though…

Strange Fur Patterns - I heart u

If you squint, you can almost make out that it says, “I <3 u.” Hmmm…Tuxedo Cat is slowly backing away. “I love you?” Already? She might be moving a little quickly. “Run away!” After all, I think she’s a hair too young for him anyway.

Our next cat may not wear his heart on his sleeve, but he just might steal yours.

gray cat with black head

SourceThis young buck seems to have purposefully colored his head and tail to set himself apart from the rest of the plebeians.

Our next cat went a different route…

Strange Feline Patterns - Masked Cat

This masked cat is ready to dance the night away at a masquerade ball.

Will the ball be in Australia? If so, he may want to consult with our next fine feline on where to stay.

Strange Fur Patterns - Nose Map

Repping for the ‘Land Down Under’, this fine feline’s name is Oz — short for Australia. Why? Because if you look carefully at its nose marking, you just might see the outline of the country.

If you’re lookin’ to get lucky, check out the next ace of spades!

Strange Fur Patterns Card Cat

SourceThis lucky cat is playing with a full deck — on his back are the signs for heart and spades and although not pictured, his owner says it also has a diamond on his chest and a club marking on his belly.  This one has one mean poker face! Well, we would assume.

Instead of an array of shapes, our next kitty has an array of colors!

Multi colored kitty

So what can we say? This cat really has it all going on — not only does it have a fancy coat of many colors, but it is also rocking a cool ‘stash!

Our next cat isn’t as colorful, but does have a very unique marking…

 desert trip cat

Check out this desert trip cat! It almost looks as if she has a hole in its middle and you can see the desert sand through her belly! We love these unique markings– each and every one of them.