Shelter Dog Photo Booth Album Will Make You Want to Adopt so Many Dogs

Shelters all over the country work hard each year to ensure that they can save as many animals as possible and provide the animals with loving forever homes. In 2015, Utah Humane Society saved 11,318 lives, attaining a no kill status that all humane societies strive for. A total of 5922 dogs, 4803 cats and 593 other animals were taken in this past year.

So, how did they do it? A lot of hard work, volunteer hours, determination, and donations, sure, but this particular shelter had a new trick up their sleeve and it seems to have paid off. Last year, they decided to post hilarious pictures taken of their adoptable dogs inside photo booths all over social media.

If they were looking for attention, they sure did get it. Everyone is still talking about these beautifully crisp and hysterical photos of the dogs that really do seem to capture their true personalities.

For those of us whom shelters deter because it makes us too sad and we end up just wanting to take every last one of them home, the online adoption portal that many shelters are implementing is a good alternative. The only problem is that the pictures posted on these sites are generally low quality and of the side of the dogs face or cowering in a corner, nervous. They really don’t seem to capture the true essence of that dog’s unique personality.

The Utah Humane Society, however, made huge strides last year to change the way us online shoppers see these adorably adoptable dogs on the Internet. They decided that the dogs could be their more natural self when they didn’t know they were being photographed. The result is seriously, the best thing I’ve ever seen. Here are some of the pictures they took and my what huge personalities these dogs really have. If you didn’t want a new dog, you will now.

Screenshot 2016-01-19 20.57.43
Screenshot 2016-01-19 20.16.19
Screenshot 2016-01-19 20.16.32
Screenshot 2016-01-19 20.16.43
Screenshot 2016-01-19 20.16.56
Screenshot 2016-01-19 20.17.08
Screenshot 2016-01-19 20.17.22
Screenshot 2016-01-19 20.17.33
Screenshot 2016-01-19 20.17.53
Screenshot 2016-01-19 20.18.02
Screenshot 2016-01-19 20.18.19
Screenshot 2016-01-19 20.18.31
Screenshot 2016-01-19 20.18.44
Screenshot 2016-01-19 20.18.53
Screenshot 2016-01-19 20.45.02
Screenshot 2016-01-19 20.45.13

Source– Humane Society of Utah Instagram Feed

Make sure to check out their website here and learn how you can help donate ore volunteer at a dog shelter or Humane Society near you!