Rescued from the Sidewalk, No One Knew What This Strange Creature Would Turn Into

If you were to discover a strange creature lying on the ground, would you be willing to pick it up and care for it, especially if you had no idea what it was? Or would you leave it and let nature take its course? Well, if you’re Jeff Longo, you do what you think is right and take the wee one home and hope for the very best.

What could have been a dead end for this little one, became a truly inspiring story about taking a chance on something or someone and in return, getting a strange, new best friend.

So let’s get back to the question at hand… what is this little guy/girl? Can any of you guess?

strange creature: Biscuits Squirrel 3

Strange Creature: Biscuits the squirrel baby

Hairless, blind and equipped with tiny sharp claws, this alien-like being wasn’t anybody’s idea of cute when Jeff Longo found her lying on a scorching-hot sidewalk in Tampa, Florida.

Strange creature: Biscuit the Squirrel 2

Although Longo wasn’t sure what this bizarre creature might be, he just knew he couldn’t let the tiny being suffer a very hot death under Florida’s unforgiving sun.

Strange creature: Biscuits Squirrel 3

The creature was only the size of Longo’s pinkie finger, making it easy to assume that it was the baby of some small animal, such as a rat. But then again, you never know. Nature can be tricky. For instance, a baby kangaroo is born the size of a grain of rice and then makes its way to its mom’s pouch, where it can continue to grow safely. So, in reality, this creature could be just about anything.

Strange Creature: Biscuits the squirrel 4

The tiny creature was very weak when Longo brought her into his St. Petersburg home. Although he wasn’t sure what the hairless creature was, he was able to gather enough information online to start providing her with a much needed nutrition regimen and start nursing her back to health.

Strange Creature: Biscuits head in hand

When Longo first found Biscuit, most of the people he talked to in person or online told him that she would more than likely die and that trying to help her was a fruitless cause. Turns out, they were wrong. After a while, the tiny creature began to grow a little more hair and longer whiskers.

Strange Creature: Biscuits the squirrel with hair

Longo named his little foundling Biscuit. Slowly, the creature’s ears popped out, and she grew even more fur. Now, she didn’t look so much like an alien being and more like a gerbil of sorts. However, it was still really hard to tell exactly what kind of creature Biscuit was.

Biscuits the squirrel 7

Biscuit was growing bigger and stronger each day. Eventually, Biscuit’s eyes opened — oh, and what big eyes she had! Biscuit was definitely getting cuter by the day. She started resembling some sort of rodent but that just didn’t feel right.

Biscuits the squirrel 8

Cute, she certainly was. Clean? Not so much.  Check out that little face after one of her nursings. After continuous research, Longo decided to start feeding her a mixture of puppy formula and heavy cream and boy did she love it! So what was she?