20 Most Loyal Dog Breeds You Can Find

Loyalty is a characteristic that all potential dog owners seek in their new companion. Every person in search for that perfect pooch imagines a life where their new best friend follows them wherever they go, protects them and their families, do exactly as they say in public areas, and go for off-leash walks and hikes without having to worry if their dog will flee. Dogs with a strong sense of loyalty will likely earn gold stars across the board in these categories.

Loyal breeds will go out of their way to spend time with their owners, snuggle up to them on the couch, always be ready for a job or command, and will even act as devoted protectors of the home and family. While all dogs are somewhat loyal, particularly when their favorite treat is routinely dished out, the following breeds are known for their innate ability to bond with their owners and are notorious for their immense loyalty. Can you guess the top 5? Scroll through the slideshow to find out!

Starting off with #20, we have the Kuvasz!


Kuvasz - Loyal Dog Breeds

This loyal giant is known for being a bit of a clown – and for constantly seeking out your attention. Their large size and desire for your companionship make the fluffy Kuvasz a naturally loyal pet you can depend on. The AKC describes this little known breed as “intensely loyal and infinitely patient”, making the Kuvasz an ideal choice for families with kids.


This gentle giant is so enamored with his family – and kids in general – that he needs to be dissuaded from rescuing them from a fun day at the pool. Newfies have been known to “rescue” swimmers (who were simply enjoying the water); this high level of concern and faithful, loving nature make these oversized companions deeply loyal to their families.

Newfoundland - Loyal Dog Breeds


Known for their tolerance of even small children, the Boxer is also fiercely protective of his home and people. His smooth coat and medium size make him an ideal pet for any climate and his loyal, loving nature make the Boxer a top choice for those looking for a new companion.

Boxer Puppy - Loyal Dog Breeds


This medium sized, dense coated breed from Japan is known for his gentle, loving nature and loyalty. Considered by many to be a “one person” dog, Akitas bond to a primary caregiver and are fiercely dedicated to that person. Hachiko, the dog who waited for over 10 years at a Japanese train station for his deceased owner to return, was an Akita.

Akita - Loyal Dog Breeds