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A Black Bear Was Drowning When This Brave Man Did Something Heroic

Due to its peninsula shape and moderate year-round temperatures, Florida is a state that hosts a variety of small and large animal species.  Yes, though once in rapid decline and nearly non-existent, the Florida black bear population has climbed back to over 4,000 bears in the state since the 1970s. However, like many large animals, bears have the tendency to become very nosey  at times, especially if they smell food. This can often lead them to wander from their forest habitat and into neighborhoods and cities.

This is the story of one curious Florida black bear that did just that. Out on the hunt for the food, wildlife authorities were called to remove a bear from civilization and put it back in its natural habitat. But things took a scary turn when a tranquilizer dart didn’t do its job as quickly as it should have. Check out the amazing story here:

 Florida Black Bears?

black bear

You might not immediately think “black bear” when it comes to animals in Florida. No, the animals that are usually first to mind in the Sunshine State are panthers, alligators, and snakes. But the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission estimates that over 4,000 black bears reside in Florida as well.