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25 Most Followed Animal Instagram Accounts You Need To Add Right Now

Move over selfie-a-holics and food photographers! Instagram is no longer in existence only to broadcast the last meal you had or display your shameless pouty-kissy face in true selfie style. As Instagram heightens it’s massive social influence, pet accounts have never been more popular. From hedgehogs to foxes, personal Instagram accounts dedicated to their domesticated “family members” are fludding the feed. They might even be surpassing the surplus of selfies that we have all grown to hate and then love to make fun of.  Loyal animal owners can now, flagrantly post a million times a week. But you know what? It’s kosher because it’s their irresistible furry friend in the spotlight and it makes for some adorable afternoon procrastinating.

If you dare call yourself an animal lover, you need to jump on the band wagon and follow all of these most followed  animal Instagram accounts that are not only super cute but also extremely creative, witty, and insanely addictive. You won’t believe how many followers the top 5 have.

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23.2 k followers – @Dogsontap features several dogs with their owner’s favorite microbrew or at their favorite microbrewery. Dogs and Beer—what else does one need? The answer, my friends, is absolutely nothing…but maybe a cat.