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From the Brink of Death to A Thriving Life – You Won’t Believe Billy’s Amazing Transformation

Right when you think all of humanity couldn’t get any worse, an animal rescue volunteer named Valie Orfanidou, waltzes in to rescue a dying dog and humanity totally redeems itself.

Meet Billy, a dog that traumatized millions when he had his 1st debut on a Facebook post in 2014. The dog appeared shockingly emaciated with an obvious skin disorder.

Several people thought the photo to be doctored to look worse than it was since no one could believe that a dog in that kind of shape could still be standing. After seeing the post, Orfanidou immediately decided that she would be the one that gave this precious dog a place to call home for his final days, saying, “Get him here and I’ll foster him.”

Two rescuers from the same Ilioupolis Animal Welfare Union in Athens traveled 40 miles to bring him to their facility and get the necessary care and comfort that he needed. After an assessment by a Veterinarian, it was clear that Billy was emaciated, had difficulty moving and walking, had several open sores, and was riddled with mange.

His vitals, however, were stable enough to be able to begin treatment instead of offering a dignified death. Turns out there was hope for him yet.

After the Veterinary’s hopeful assessment, Billy was able to go home with Orfanidou, which was likely, his first real home. He was kept in a small and safe room and took the next several days to rest, eat, and try to heal his malnourished body.

After days of sleeping for hours on end and only waking up to eat and go to the restroom, Billy was making progress. Within 10 days of his recovery, Billy gained back some strength and was finally able to take short walks. With the help of his loving foster parent and the incredible medical care received, in just two months, his progress was undeniably positive. He began to trust more and more every day, began to running around and playing like a dog should, had a full coat of fur without any signs of mange, and had a newfound love of life.

This dog made a full transformation because of the kindness and heroism of those who made it possible at the Ilioupolis Animal Welfare Union, specifically Orfanidou.

With Billy’s impressive turnaround, the shelter posted his story to social media and Billy was almost immediately adopted. Although it broke the hearts of Orfanidou and the rest of the team at Ilioupolis to see Billy go, he was paired with an incredibly compatible woman named Emma from Switzerland, whom they knew would be a great match for him. He would finally be where he belonged.

See the heartwarming story and dedicated video to Billy’s new parents here.

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