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Cute Animals Smelling Flowers That Will Melt Your Heart

We’ve all heard the saying, “Stop and smell the roses.” With how busy life gets, it can be hard to slow down and follow that sage advice. But animals seem to know what life’s all about… and these animals especially have learned to enjoy the little moments.

From dogs to cats and foxes to monkeys, check out these endearing pictures of many different animals simply taking time to stop and smell the roses!


These two girlfriends are hoping this flower’s got good news! “He loves me, he loves me not…”

A “golden” moment caught on film!

This little bunny wants to see just how many colors he can get between. Up on the tippy toes gets the best view!

This cat knows that the best time to smell the roses is always right “meow.”

Could there be anything cuter? This baby donkey wants to smell every variety of flowers he can get his nose on.

This flower smells so good the gecko wants to taste it!

Such a beautifully-made creature enjoying beautifully-made flowers.

Tulip for two please!

This big guy found the tiniest flower!  This just shows that animals can even find the joy in life’s smallest blessings.

This little fox is truly savoring the moment. This is the life!

Now this one’s just adore-a-“bull”!

“This is a pretty pink color. Oh, this smells nice! I’ve got nowhere to be…”

This little puppy was so intrigued by the flowers that he climbed on top of a barrel to see what they smelled like!

“Some-bunny’s” taking time to enjoy life’s little things!

This brown bear’s just taking a break to enjoy the little things in life.

Pure bliss. True relaxation. Purr-fect smile.

“Mom, I know you said I can’t have your tea, but what about…?”

Recognize this little creature from your backyard? Take a closer look next time you see one! You just might see him sniffing your garden’s most fragrant flowers!

Hope we aren’t “badgering” you with this photo. This little guy has come out of the woodwork—literally—to smell this orange flower.

The ultimate greeting! As the flower bends down to check out the hamster, the little critter doesn’t mind looking up to smell the freshness.

These beautiful flowers were so fragrant that this owl swooped down from the sky to give them a sniff!

This cat’s so intent on sniffing these flowers you’d think there was a mouse in the vase!

Is it just us or does this look like it should come straight from a picture book? What a classic moment!

Short creature. Tall flowers. No problem!

No, that’s not a pink beak. This bird just dove into the flower head first!

“Don’t mind if I do!”

Who says pandas only like bamboo?

The pleasant smell must have convinced this little guy it’s OK to come out of the water. Who knew alligators could be so cute?

We’re not “kitten” around with this photo–too cute!

Red pandas smelling flowers? We could look at this photo forever.

The face of complete serenity!

Is he trying to camouflage himself?

Our friends are always there to help us find life’s sweet nectary gifts.

Did you know most guinea pigs like to eat dandelions? But be careful! The only dandelions guinea pigs can eat should be organic, uncontaminated by pesticides or fertilizer and only fed in moderation.

It’s as if these two were meant to find each other.


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