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Best Dog Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

Super Bowl 2016 is just around the corner and I, for one, am getting way too excited about the game commercials! Over the years, we have all seen some outright amazing, tear jerking, and gut wrenchingly funny commercials. More and more, though, we see our furry four-legged friends prancing all over the big screen on game day it’s just so good.

Dogs are an undeniably loyal and loving addition to the family home. With the ever increasing popularity they are gaining worldwide, the day is not far when every home in the world will have a domesticated dog. Having earned their way permanently into a special place in our hearts, they have the ability to pull on all of those heartstrings…you guys know which ones. It’s no wonder, then, that ad agencies and huge corporate companies have realized our canine friend’s rising influence and are capitalizing on it.

Several corporations, animal related and not, have followed suit and have successfully pulled off some of the most memorable and influential commercials in Super Bowl history with the help of our canine counterparts. Here are our favorite ads from previous years.

1. This clever Budweiser ad from Super Bowl 2012 stars an adorable rescue dog named Weego who has a unique trick up his sleeve. Weego is trained to bring a beer to anyone who says Budweiser’s coined term, “Here, Weego.” When he rolls out the keg, it’s just too much.


2. This Star Wars/Dog/inspirational commercial by Volkswagen was one of the most popular ads of 2012 and it’s very obvious why. A pudgy dog takes it upon himself to lose weight and his experiences show something I’m sure all of us can relate to. Dogs, Star Wars, and inspiration to become the “new you”? What else could you want.


3. In another hit from 2012, Sketchers produced this hilarious and uplifting ad where a French Bulldog, wearing a pair of Sketchers, wins a Greyhound dog race and moonwalks over the finish line. If that doesn’t put a smile on your face, you are obviously a zombie robot.


4. It’s now widely accepted that no company can hold a torch to Budweiser when it comes to sentimental dog and horse commercials that evoke so much emotion that I’ve even seen grown men eating meat and screaming about football shed a tear or two. This 2014 commercial solidifies a lasting relationship between this Labrador pup and his Clydesdale horse best friend. Just wait until you see Super Bowl 2015’s Budweiser tear-jerker.


5. In the most sentimental Budweiser commercial of all, Super Bowl commercial season 2015 showed us what is was like to have all the feelings at once. Watch as this little guy gets lost and his family of humans and horses help him get home.


6. In 2011, Budweiser made an instant hit with a human party orchestrated only by dogs. You’ll see a hilarious compilation of scenes with dog butlers, waiters, cooks, dishwashers, bartenders and DJs.


7. 2009 Super Bowl revealed yet another great Budweiser hit. This time involving the iconic Budweiser Clydesdale horse and a new addition of a sweet Dalmatian. See what happens when the horse realizes that the new dog might be gaining his owner’s affection. Hey, Jealousy.


8. This cute and clever commercial by Subaru in 2010 puts dogs and cats behind the wheel, replaying a common scenario — a parking space opens up and someone comes out of nowhere and snipes it. Worst part is, it was a cat!

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