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Animals That Pass Out in the Strangest Sleeping Positions

If you’ve been the proud owner of a pet, then you know all too well the hilarious positions that they can get themselves into when they’re fast asleep. You probably have somewhere approaching 1,000 pictures of them in said positions…ya know, the ones you show all your friends and family until they not so discreetly start shifting their attention to someone anyone else in the room. We’ve all been there and yes, it always is different when it’s our own pet because, after all, they are the most funny and interesting creatures in all the land. Just ask us!

We’ve compiled a hysterical series of pictures showing animals that are so tired, that they had to pass out in the the strangest sleeping positions and locations. All of them are good but #28 had us laughing out loud.

It looks like someone told this dog he was fit as a fiddle, and he thought they said to go fit like a fiddle. Seems like an honest mistake to us!

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