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Japanese Company Bottles Scent of Cat’s Forehead…Yessss

A Japanese online retailer, Felissimo, has practical experience in all things cats, however they truly seem to be in love with cat odor to such an extent that they have released their second cat scented item since last year. Their first product was a feline paw-scented cream and now they have introduced a special fabric spray that carries the odor of felines’ foreheads. Personally, I’m more of a cat-belly-scent-lover so apparently I know nothing.



‘Mohu Mohu Odeko no Kaori’ (Fluffy Forehead Fragrance) Fabric Water arrives in a 3.4-ounce bottle, priced at 1,293yen ($10.60). The company revealed that they developed the product after collecting broad data through customer survey responses. Huge numbers of the respondents wrote that the scent of a feline’s forehead is similar to ‘the odor of sunshine’, ‘a futon that has been dried in the sun’, and ‘sweet bread’.

Felissimo teamed up with Yamamoto Perfumery to recreate the scent as accurately as possible. Experts spent four months sniffing cat heads at cat bistros, and finally developed the item that caught the essence splendidly. The spray, described as sweet and aromatic, is intended to be used to spruce up fabrics like cushions and blankets. But, the organization recommends that the most ideal approach to utilize it is to spray it on the company’s collection of kitty head delicate toys, available in three colors, at 3,125 yen ($25) each. Or you could simply go smell a real cat. I can’t wait to see what they come out with next!

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