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Dogs That Look Strikingly Similar to Their Humans

It’s no breakthrough phenomenon that some dogs look remarkably close in resemblance to their human counterparts. We’ve been collectively seeking the pairs out and laughing at them for years. Since man started domesticating dogs, humans have been choosing their loyal four-legged sidekicks, perhaps subconsciously, to resemble themselves. But perhaps the reason behind the oddity is more than just a narcissistic desire to befriend a dog who most resembles yourself.

Sadahiko Nakajima, a psychologist from Kwansei Gakuin University in Japan, was able study and conclude just that. Published in the Journal Anthrozoö, Nakajima’s study found that research participants could choose a human and their dog companion with 74% accuracy by only looking at snippet of their eyes. Not necessarily their shape, but rather the look that is being conveyed by them, perhaps catching a glimpse of their soul. Eyes have the ability to most accurately express nonverbal cues and just maybe that look is shared between a dog and their people. Read the study in more detail here.

Whether you agree with this study or believe that hair, body shape, and personality have more to do with these similarities, the next 20 pictures will have you laughing out loud at how accurately these dogs and humans look like each other.


Okay, maybe the baby is not necessarily that Shar Pei’s owner but their rolls match and that should be plenty for anyone. #rollsfordays


It’s pretty clear that this duo gets their hair permed and colored by the same stylist and it is red hot!


These are two of the most glorious manes. I really just want to see a GIF of them running in slow motion with their flowy hair billowing behind them.


If that little Chihuahua had a lip ring, they would have the same face.


Either these two are donning the same wig, or holy hair, they have a lot of it! Big hair girls, you make the rockin’ world go ’round.


They might be trying too hard, but you have to give it to them—they sure do look an awful lot alike. I especially appreciate the bows in their hair and the fact that the human is even willing to eat a bone out of a food dish…on the table. A for effort.


This sweet old lady is desperately trying to make her little puffball look like her head of hair and it is adorable.


Light, silky, snow white hair. Now that is what I call a fox. Is it just me, or do these two look like their straight out of a dog food commercial in the 80s?


Big red and little red—a match made in heaven.


These two Curly Qs not only look like each other, but are quite  lost in each other’s eyes. I suppose they also like what they see when they look into a mirror.


Neck rolls can and are completely endearing on some people/dog teams.


I bet these two put Marsha to shame when it comes to brush strokes each night.


Same intricate shade of brown, same mop for hair, same puppy dog eyes. Maybe it is all in the eyes after all.


Or is it in the cheesy smile? I absolutely love this cheesy grin.


Sometimes the human wants to look like the dog so bad he buys what looks like a $300 suit to strut around in.


When you should have won best in show but your arch nemesis, Gertrude, takes the ribbon.


Yes, yes, this is a cat but how amazing that this little girl with two different eyes also owns a cat with the same genetic makeup for eye color?!


Long hair, don’t care!


I don’t know when the fur stops and the hair begins! They bad, and they know it.

I’m not sure if it gets any cuter than this? These two adorable twins look exactly the same even down to their pigtails, I mean ears, I can’t tell the difference.

This sophisticated pair probably have long conversation discussing the world’s sociopolitical problems over a game of chess. The resemblance is truly uncanny.

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