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Human Foods You Can Share With Your Pet

Pets are widely considered an important member of the family. Most homeowners are conscious about their pets and are always seeking different dog foods that are beneficial to their health. When it comes to human foods, most people don’t know what exactly is safe and healthy for their dog and what is not.

We are not recommending that you switch your dog’s diet to strictly human food, but if you ever need to coax them into taking their medication or just want to give them a treat every once in a while, these food items will do the trick without causing any harm or negative health effects. It is important, of course, to remember that the key to treating your furry friend with human food is balance, moderation and careful attention to any side effects you see after offering any food outside of their normal diet.

So if you want to share your food with your pup, here are a few snacks that are safe and healthy!

1. Carrots

Baby carrots are a super easy snack that is very healthy as well. A fresh raw carrot is a great antioxidant packed substitution for a calorie dense dog treat bought at grocery stores.


2. Green beans

Green beans are the ideal food as they’re both low in calories and high in nutrient value. They are loaded with vitamins and fiber, making your pup feel fuller longer. Make sure to serve them without salt.


3. Berries

Most dogs love sweet treats and berries are very healthy for your four-legged friend. Berries contain a good amount of antioxidants, which will benefit their health.


4. Bananas

This yellow fruit is another great treat for your pup, as they’re loaded with potassium and fiber and will provide your furry friend with extra nutrients and energy.


5. Seedless watermelon

Similarly to humans, watermelon helps dogs to rehydrate. Don’t forget to remove its seeds before serving because it can cause several issues including intestinal blockage.


6. Cooked eggs

Eggs are an excellent source of proteins and vitamins. They not only provide the body with energy but they can also bring shine to their coats. Give your pup less than or equal to one boiled or cooked egg unless otherwise instructed by your veterinarian.


7. Chicken

If you want to offer your dog a protein-packed treat, there is nothing better than plain white boneless chicken. Warning: Never give your dog any meat with the bone still in it, especially if it has already been cooked. Bone’s easily get splintered and swallowed, either damaging their mucous membranes or getting lodged in their gastrointestinal tract. No one likes an obstruction visit to the veterinarians.

8. Rice

Give your pup a few bites of plain rice without any seasoning, especially onion or garlic, as these ingredients can be toxic to our canine buddies. Rice makes the perfect snack for your puppy and will also provide them energy when they are under the weather. To offer a bland diet when their sick, add two parts rice to one part plain chicken or cottage cheese.

9. Cheese

Cheese is also loved by most of the dogs. It is packed with protein and calcium and can easily be mixed with your dog’s food for an extra dose of nutrition. Do not, however, go overboard with the cheese. Moderation is key here, especially if you see your dog gaining weight.

10. Peanut butter

Peanut butter is high in protein and healthy fats, making it a healthy food for man’s best friend. It’s the ideal treat for your pup and tends to be an all-time favorite for both puppies and owners alike.

Although there are other foods you can share with your pet, these are some of the healthiest options you can look to when thinking about snacks and substitutions. Whether you’re out on a picnic together sharing carrots or planning a nutritional meal, these “people” foods are sure to give your pet as much nutrition as they are great taste!

Note that these recommendations are strictly of our own and you should discuss them with your primary veterinarian before feeding them to your pet.

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